ObserveIT סוגרת את 2017 עם רבעון שובר שיאים שלישי ברציפות שנגרם על ידי ביקוש של הלקוחות לפתרון נגד איומים מבפנים


ObserveIT, הספקית של הפתרון המוביל לניהול איומים מבפנים עם בערך 1,700 לקוחות ברחבי העולם, הודיעה היום על הרבעון שובר השיאים השלישי ברציפות שלה, שנגרם על ידי הצורך של הלקוחות להפחית סיכונים באמצעות גילוי ומניעה מתקדמים של סיכונים מבפנים.



ObserveIT Closes 2017 with Third Consecutive Record-Breaking Quarter Driven by Customer Demand for Insider Threat Solution

Company’s Q4 results highlighted by key new hires, sales growth and significant customer wins


ObserveIT, the leading insider threat management solution provider with approximately 1,700 customers around the world, today announced its third consecutive record-breaking quarter, driven by customers’ need to decrease risks through advanced insider threat detection and prevention.

“Throughout 2017, we saw increased customer demand for Data Loss Prevention and data exfiltration capabilities. Today, traditional DLP solutions don’t effectively prevent data exfiltration, and they are extremely difficult to implement and manage,” said ObserveIT CEO Mike McKee. “At ObserveIT, we are providing an unmatched, one-of-a-kind approach to our customers, offering them a 360-degree view of user behavior and data activity coupled with robust data analytics.”

ObserveIT regularly releases new product updates to meet evolving customer needs and deliver a cutting-edge solution with best-of-breed capabilities. In Q4, ObserveIT added key new features and enhancements to the platform, including File Activity Monitoring and Enhanced Alert Workflow.

ObserveIT completed several strategic hires, including Simon Sharp, vice president of international sales, and Brian Popiel, chief financial officer. ObserveIT also welcomed Jeff Williams, an operating partner at Bain Capital Ventures, as the newest member of its board of directors.

Additional milestones achieved in 2017 include:

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About ObserveIT

ObserveIT is the leading Insider Threat Management solution with approximately 1,700 customers across 87 countries. ObserveIT is the only solution that empowers security teams to detect insider threats, streamline the investigation process, and prevent data exfiltration. With 230+ out-of-the-box insider threat alerts, rich metadata and outstanding search capability and playback of any policy violation, ObserveIT provides comprehensive visibility into what people – contractors, privileged users and high-risk users – are doing, and reduces investigation time from days to minutes. For more information visit: www.observeit.com.


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