Neustar Research: התקפות DDoS עקביות, אכזריות ויקרות

Neustar ניוסטאר (NYSE: NSR), ספקית אמינה ניטרלית של שירותי מידע בזמן אמת, פרסמה היום את "הדוח העולמי אוקטובר 2016 על התקפות DDoS והגנה: איום קבוע בעולם המחובר", דוח מחקר שמתמקד בהתקפות DDoS ומגמות הגנה. הדוח מדגיש שהכמות של התקפות DDoS נשארת גדולה בעקביות, וההתקפות האלה גורמות נזק ממשי לארגונים. התשובות הגלובליות גם מאשרות את השימוש הנפוץ בהתקפות DDoS כדי ליצור הסחות "מסך עשן" ביחד עם פעילויות זדוניות אחרות שתוצאתן פגיעה נוספת, כגון וירוסים ותוכנות כופר.


Neustar Research: DDoS Attacks Consistent, Relentless and Costly

DDoS Research Report Reveals 73 Percent of Surveyed Organizations Suffered a DDoS Attack;

The Majority of DDoS Attacks (53 Percent) Resulted in Additional Compromise, Including Viruses and Ransomware


Neustar, Inc. (NYSE: NSR), a trusted, neutral provider of real-time information services, today published its “October 2016 Worldwide DDoS Attacks & Protection Report: A Steady Threat in the Connected World,” a research report focused on DDoS attack and protection trends. The report highlights that DDoS attack volume has remained consistently high and these attacks cause real damage to organizations. The global response also affirms the prevalent use of DDoS attacks to distract as “smokescreens” in concert with other malicious activities that result in additional compromise, such as viruses and ransomware.

“Distributed denial-of-service attacks are no longer isolated events limited to large, highly visible, targets. Sophisticated attacks hit companies of all sizes, in all industries,” said Rob Ayoub, research director, Security Products, IDC. (Source: “Worldwide DDoS Prevention Products and Services Forecast, 2016–2020,” August 2016)

Neustar collected responses from more than 1,000 information security professionals, including CISOs, CSOs and CTOs to determine how DDoS attacks are impacting their organization and how they are mitigating the threat. Key findings from “October 2016 Worldwide DDoS Attacks & Protection Report: A Steady Threat in the Connected World” include:

“As proof of the increasing threat and destructive nature of DDoS attacks, the industry has recently seen an incredibly complex, hacked IOT device-driven DDoS attack that surpassed 620 Gbps, lasted for multiple days, and crippled a high visibility website,” said Tom Pageler, Chief Security and Risk Officer of Neustar.

“Organizations should be concerned that DDoS attacks are growing increasingly sophisticated and relentless, frequently serving as the first stage of a multi-stage attack against an organization’s infrastructure,” said Rodney Joffe, Senior Vice President and Senior Technologist for Neustar. “There is a silver lining: as public attention is driving urgency to improve DDoS protection capabilities, organizations are increasingly realizing that having a DDoS mitigation solution in place is a requirement to keep your organization protected when a DDoS attack occurs.”

Neustar SiteProtect is a fast, flexible, global cloud-based DDoS mitigation network. Neustar SiteProtect offers automated mitigation, standardized traffic flows and visibility into attacks to deliver the greatest speed, flexibility, capabilities and expertise to organizations struggling to mitigate DDoS attacks.

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